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In this brand new book, the curtain has been pulled back and you can discover proven and powerful new patient attraction and retention strategies from hundreds of successful medical practices ranging from chiropractic, dental, cosmetic surgery practices and many more! 

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Marketing Success Foundation: Developing The Mindset To Achieve Massive Success In Your Practice 

Learn how to develop the right mindset that you must have in order to implement the marketing strategies to attract and retain new patients that are reveal in this book.


Successful Marketing Rules: The New Rules About Marketing & Running Your Practice In This Economy

Uncover the crucial new rules of marketing your practice in this challenging economy as well as marketing principles that every medical practice owner or manager needs to know to succeed in today’s economy.


Practice Positioning Systems: How To Position Your  Practice As The Obvious Best Choice In Your Target Market And Attract & Retain More Patients

Learn a step-by-step formula you can use to use to create powerful unique sales propositions that magnetically and consistently attract the most profitable types of patients to your practice. 


Million Dollar Marketing Messages: Marketing Messages That Consistently Fill Your Practice With Your Ideal Type Of Patients

The proven system for creating all types of marketing messages including ads, flyers, emails or any other type of marketing message that attracts more new patients to your practice.


Patient Loyalty SystemsHow To Inspire Lasting Loyalty In Your Patients And Increase Your Patient Visit Average

Discover how to create lasting loyalty in your patients while increasing your patient average visit and the patient’s commitment to implementing their full treatment plan. 


New Patient Attraction Marketing SystemsThe Top Marketing Strategies That You Can Use To Consistently Fill Your Practice With More Patients

Discover the most effective and proven marketing systems for attracting more new patients to your practice. 


Patient Referral Systems: ow To Easily Get Referrals From Your Patients, Medical Doctors, Attorney’s, Insurance Agents & Gyms, Sports Teams & More!

Generate referrals from current patients and turn local medical practices into your biggest advocates that promote your practice.


Patient Follow Up Marketing Systems: How To Consistently Generate Massive Amounts of Leads, Sales And Profits From Your In-House Database

Discover the exact marketing strategies and tactics they can use to keep your patients coming back to your practice for additional services.


Telephone Call MasteryThe Proven System For Answering Your Phones That Quickly Turns Callers Into Paying Patients

A system that you can give to your staff that will instantly allow them to be more effective with turning calls into appointments that actually show up.

New Patient Welcome SystemHow To Wow First-Time Patients And Make Them Fall In Love With Your  Practice

Impress your patients with multiple caring “touch points” throughout their interaction with you and your staff and turn that new patient into a lifetime patient.

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